Saturday, July 30, 2005

So S has finally been spotted. An edgy voice spoke on the telephone yesterday that he was fine, however, was finding it difficult to come to my place the next day. He just came back to Utrecht, as he spoke to me, after some look-around in Amsterdam. S then fancied a day trip to Paris the next day. Oh. How asinine of him to have just fancied about that. He must do everything to make it a reality, I strongly urged. He can even come to my place the next day. He agreed to ring me about his decision today.

Friday, July 29, 2005

S did not contact me as yet. No ideas about his whereabouts. I don't know if he has changed his plans. He once told that another person (boy or gal, I don't know) might accompany him to my place. If that fellow really turns up then I have to make other arrangements. Anyway, let's see. I'm off now to buy the stuffs left from yesterday's shopping.

GWPR is full of meticulous details. Chevalier has some fancy for details, methinks. No turns and twists in the story. Such accounts, of course, are a good literary work and they sometimes fascinate the readers in their own way . But now I'm not in such a mood to appreciate how many lice were found in Griet's hair and what were their colors.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey, just back from the grocery. And again fell way short of the target. First of all, when I reached the place only half an hour ahead of the closing time of the shop. So I get down to work at once. No looking around aimlessly. I knew exactly what I was supposed to purchase. Pillow, duvet/blanket. Goshhhh.. I did not know the size of my bed in any quantity (centemetre or whatever). And all the blankets were so intricately coiled and tied in the packs that I could not get the idea of the size just by watching. There in the market, standing, I tried to figure out, but really couldn't convince myself that my guess about the size of my bed would not put my expenditure at risk. Now as I'm back home, I figure that that the size that I was very close to select in the market is way off the mark. My bed size is 120 cm x 200 cm. If I had to buy today I'd have bought 200 x 200. Therefore, another visit to the market tomorrow. But another question that was not given any importance previously suddenly comes to the fore: Is it possible that two persons sleep comfortably on this bed? I don't know how much space S occupies these days. If he is as fat as he was when I last saw him, then I think its OK. All these bloody numbers and sizes apart, I only know that prior to me, this bed was slept on by a man and his girlfriend. He! He!
Update: GWAPR has slowed down a bit with so much of description and nothing happening .

The blog points out that the last time I took bath was on 24th July. Today is 28th and I am again in the mood for a bath. For me, the bath incident happens so very rarely that it has become worthy of mention. Hee!! hee!! But believe me that the gap between two successive baths are closing rapidly these days. The plan after that so-much-talked-about bath is to go out and buy two big pillows, a blanket and rice (what a contrast, pillow and rice) from a supermarket which is not the nearby one. So bit of a hardship. Quick Update:
1) the room cleaning is on standby for a while and will be resumed asap.
2) Picked up Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier and completed just 10 pages. The story is gradually gathering pace. More soon.

See ya.

As expected I couldn't reach the target I set myself about cleaning up and organizing my room. I've, maybe, at best completed 1/3 of the the entire project. What I basically did was reorient the furniture to free some space in my very small apartment. The apartment is made up of a medium-sized room, a small kitchen and an even smaller toilet-cum-bath. Into that single room there packed two sofas, a bed, two tables and as many chairs, a cupboard, two book shelves. Initially I was provided with only one sofa but could not resist buying another secondhand lately as the offer looked too lucrative to miss. So I decided to dispense with the old one which was already fraying on all sides and taking a very dirty look. But the landlady protested diehard. So I had to make space for both of them somehow in the small room. It is this step-son like sofa whom, today, I engaged for keeping my laundry-bound clothes. I also managed to push that sofa to the far corner of the room, which was left unused so far, so that it forms an extension of my bed. I felt delighted to finally tap into the hidden potential of this neglected child.

Apart from that, the books and the CD's and DVD's, which were scattered all over the room, were collected and set out in the shelves with objects of the equal size in the same array. The clothes were arranged to look somewhat orderly in the cupboard. Completing up to that, I felt complacent. So I retired. Tomorrow I have to buy some quilts/blankets and pillows. Don't forget S is coming.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I made some progress in my earnest attempt to revert my sleeping and waking times to normal order. Today I got up at 12 0'clock at noon. It is certainly better than going to bed in the morning and waking up at 6 o'clock in the evening and then being awake till the next morning. The target is to put the sleeping time into the 12-to-8 slot. I'll keep you updated on that constantly.

Yesterday, I watched the Tom-Cruise-famed The Last Samurai . On the whole this is a nice movie that keeps you engaged till the end but nothing more than that. Any movie that I watch I put a question to: Is that worth a second time? The answer here is 'no'. Therefore, I'm sure I will find it difficult to remember it after a few months or so. There are lots of bloody scenes such as jets of bloods spouting from the bodies of the dying soldiers, bullets and arrows striking one side of the body and coming out the other, may make you feel queasy. On the other hand, a few scenes, full of greenery, capturing the beauties of countryside are a feast for the eyes. If you really have nothing interesting to do then you are advised to try this.

Well. Today I am just in a combating mood to clean up my room after a lot of dilly-dallying. My operation clean-up starts right now. I'll be back with the description of my made-up room very shortly. Stay tuned.

Monday, July 25, 2005

It rained all day today. My sleeping time and waking time remain swapped as usual. I burn the midnight oil and sleep all day. I've to do something on a war footing to get rid of this vicious habit in order to save my back from my boss. It is a very unhealthy practice to sleep during daytime 'coz you can never sleep sound and the most threatening part is that you lose touch with your colleagues which is a dangerous idea in the kind of job I am in. Some amount of discipline in life looks extremely necessary for me to be alive in the battle.

Well. Enough of planning and resolutions. There is another news: S is coming to visit me from across the Atlantic. My last meeting with S was in September 2001 at our old and beloved instutute. S is supposed to arrive here on the 30th. I've promised him that I'd make up my room before he arrives. Now it is no better than a pigsty with the floor of the kitchen littered with food droppings, now turned sticky black and hard, collected over the last one year. Daunting task, no doubt. But dear S, I'm not going back on my words, you can rest assured to be presented with a clean room. Not much blogging tomorrow as I have to run many errands, going to supermarket, laundry, DVD's and so on. Ta ta.

I went to shower some five hours later than what was suggested in the previous post. It is always a problem with me, a hallmarked lazy man, to maintain schedule. It's been the rule of the day -- since my earliest memory -- that I am chided by parents and friends alike for failing to meet deadlines. As the years rolled by, I gradually resigned myself to this incorrigible habit however, formulated some 'smart' tricks to minimize the threats arising from such destructive habits. At the first stage I refused the association of what is called a girl friend. This tremendous sacrifice made my life a thousand times easier. I pity my poor girl-friended buddies who can hardly imagine falling asleep in the bathtub for three hours and getting up only when they feel water stream running into their nostrils making their breathing difficult. Once you settle down coyly with this kind of un(girl)friendly life your laxness also seems to demand more. For example, you may feel like lying on bed for the entire weekend without being disturbed by others for once. To accomplish such feats you need to get promoted to the second level of training. I woundn't have attained this level had I not come abroad to do some 're' some stuff. Usually when I want to pamper myself with a comatose weekend I buy tons of cooked food on Friday night to be put beside my bed, disconnect telephone, turn off the electric bell, draw the curtains and finally elevate myself to a sublime state of mind by meditating for long hours. If all these elements gel together perfectly you bet that the Saturday and Sunday have been wiped out from my life. This is not easy dear to meet the demands of your laziness.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ohh ... Some people are born with their heads in their asses. This guy called Andy is one of them, you bet. He has put some banners (with 'philanthropic' messages) in his weblog that incessantly emits some goddamn sounds making reading impossible. When drew his fucking attention to that quite discreetly, he swore at me. What a pity. Have got some heated exchanges with him

Anyway, I'm now off to bath. Can you believe that this is the first time in the last seven days that I am heading that way.

Yeah.. I just woke up. Now planning to go to the Sunday market which is supposed to very cheap but not quite sure whether they cheat on measuring the weights of the stuff. Have a lot of things to do today. First is to review the project report of my dearest younger brother. This chap is struggling to manage a job back in India. The fact that his friends are all done putting a kind of pressure on him. I am trying to encourage him all the time and ask him not to lose heart at any moment. In fact I have been through all these shitty tensions when I was in such circumstances quite long time ago. I also have a lot of things to start, complete and continue from previous stoppages for my own. However, I would continue to put blog bits down from time to time -- my fingers just itch to strike the key board buttons, the addiction has been rooted quite deeply in my being and have no intention to slough off.