Monday, July 25, 2005

It rained all day today. My sleeping time and waking time remain swapped as usual. I burn the midnight oil and sleep all day. I've to do something on a war footing to get rid of this vicious habit in order to save my back from my boss. It is a very unhealthy practice to sleep during daytime 'coz you can never sleep sound and the most threatening part is that you lose touch with your colleagues which is a dangerous idea in the kind of job I am in. Some amount of discipline in life looks extremely necessary for me to be alive in the battle.

Well. Enough of planning and resolutions. There is another news: S is coming to visit me from across the Atlantic. My last meeting with S was in September 2001 at our old and beloved instutute. S is supposed to arrive here on the 30th. I've promised him that I'd make up my room before he arrives. Now it is no better than a pigsty with the floor of the kitchen littered with food droppings, now turned sticky black and hard, collected over the last one year. Daunting task, no doubt. But dear S, I'm not going back on my words, you can rest assured to be presented with a clean room. Not much blogging tomorrow as I have to run many errands, going to supermarket, laundry, DVD's and so on. Ta ta.


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