Monday, July 25, 2005

I went to shower some five hours later than what was suggested in the previous post. It is always a problem with me, a hallmarked lazy man, to maintain schedule. It's been the rule of the day -- since my earliest memory -- that I am chided by parents and friends alike for failing to meet deadlines. As the years rolled by, I gradually resigned myself to this incorrigible habit however, formulated some 'smart' tricks to minimize the threats arising from such destructive habits. At the first stage I refused the association of what is called a girl friend. This tremendous sacrifice made my life a thousand times easier. I pity my poor girl-friended buddies who can hardly imagine falling asleep in the bathtub for three hours and getting up only when they feel water stream running into their nostrils making their breathing difficult. Once you settle down coyly with this kind of un(girl)friendly life your laxness also seems to demand more. For example, you may feel like lying on bed for the entire weekend without being disturbed by others for once. To accomplish such feats you need to get promoted to the second level of training. I woundn't have attained this level had I not come abroad to do some 're' some stuff. Usually when I want to pamper myself with a comatose weekend I buy tons of cooked food on Friday night to be put beside my bed, disconnect telephone, turn off the electric bell, draw the curtains and finally elevate myself to a sublime state of mind by meditating for long hours. If all these elements gel together perfectly you bet that the Saturday and Sunday have been wiped out from my life. This is not easy dear to meet the demands of your laziness.


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