Sunday, October 08, 2006

Rabindranath and his PREM: an exception

In most of his poems, PREM (or love) is manifested with much subtlety either in a spiritual or in a platonic way. I don't remember any other poem by Tagore where his PREM broke the barriers of spirituality or the platonic threshold and craved for physical closeness inasmuch as the one written below. The verses are addressed to his shokhi (note that this is not the usual shokha like in many other poems where Tagore referred to his beloved bidhata by that). However, the song is delightful, both to your heart and ears. Do not forget to listen to it once again.

Bolio aamaar golap baalaa,
bolio amar golap baalaa,
tolo mukhani tolo mukhani
kushumo kunjo koro aalaa,
boli kisher shorom eto shokhi
kisher shorom eto shokhi,
paataar-o majharey lukaye mukhani
kisher shorom eto baalaa,
ghumaye porechhey dhora
shokhi, ghumaye chondro tara, priye
ghumaye dikbalaa ra shobey
ghumaye jogot joto;
bolite moner kotha shokhi
emon shomoy kotha priye
tolo mukhani achey go amar-o
praner kotha koto;
ami emon shudhiro shwarey
shokhi kohibo tomaro kaan-e, priye
shoponer-o moto shey kotha ashiye poshibey tomar praney
tobey mukhani tuliye chao
shudhirey mukhani tuliye chao,
shokhi ekti chumbono dao; gopone ekti chumbono chao||


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