Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hey, just back from the grocery. And again fell way short of the target. First of all, when I reached the place only half an hour ahead of the closing time of the shop. So I get down to work at once. No looking around aimlessly. I knew exactly what I was supposed to purchase. Pillow, duvet/blanket. Goshhhh.. I did not know the size of my bed in any quantity (centemetre or whatever). And all the blankets were so intricately coiled and tied in the packs that I could not get the idea of the size just by watching. There in the market, standing, I tried to figure out, but really couldn't convince myself that my guess about the size of my bed would not put my expenditure at risk. Now as I'm back home, I figure that that the size that I was very close to select in the market is way off the mark. My bed size is 120 cm x 200 cm. If I had to buy today I'd have bought 200 x 200. Therefore, another visit to the market tomorrow. But another question that was not given any importance previously suddenly comes to the fore: Is it possible that two persons sleep comfortably on this bed? I don't know how much space S occupies these days. If he is as fat as he was when I last saw him, then I think its OK. All these bloody numbers and sizes apart, I only know that prior to me, this bed was slept on by a man and his girlfriend. He! He!
Update: GWAPR has slowed down a bit with so much of description and nothing happening .


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