Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yeah.. I just woke up. Now planning to go to the Sunday market which is supposed to very cheap but not quite sure whether they cheat on measuring the weights of the stuff. Have a lot of things to do today. First is to review the project report of my dearest younger brother. This chap is struggling to manage a job back in India. The fact that his friends are all done putting a kind of pressure on him. I am trying to encourage him all the time and ask him not to lose heart at any moment. In fact I have been through all these shitty tensions when I was in such circumstances quite long time ago. I also have a lot of things to start, complete and continue from previous stoppages for my own. However, I would continue to put blog bits down from time to time -- my fingers just itch to strike the key board buttons, the addiction has been rooted quite deeply in my being and have no intention to slough off.


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