Friday, April 28, 2006

The pace is picking up

The last two days have been quite productive in terms of research. Don't be misled into believing that whatever I got the last two days are all very desired. The fact is that, when I say 'Productive', I actually mean that my level of awareness is raised. In fact, one of the main outcomes of the last couple of days was the discovery of a very crucial error that I committed two months ago. Precisely, earlier I thought that I was able to break HW's very famous cipher, but it was my mistake. Therefore, I have reasons to feel disappointed, what detection of any past error would always make you. But I'm trying to be positive and move on.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

B got a job

B has got a job in Mumbai. I just received his email. I'm just too happy. SC, who was one of my seniors in school, is responsible for the job. He is a big shot now; having studied in two hallowed institutes in India, SC is now a director of a company which I think he founded with others. Will talk more about SC later. He is a very very interesting character resembling a Hindi film hero in many ways. Just to ignite your interest, assuming you are really a typical Bengali gossip monger (no offence intended): SC is 33 years old, disinherited by his crore-pati father, divorced once, now single and possesses extraordinary knack for innovativeness and creativity.

News on other fronts: I also visited the ophthalmologist today. The eye examination was heartening. Here.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Not much useful work today, but...

Most of the time of the day has been wasted on performing rhytidectomy (look it up in the dictionary when I beg your pardon for using that word when there exists an easier and more appropriate one for the same expression) on my university homepage and my work-related weblog ; all of them I write in my original name as against this weblog which I use as a means to discharge all my pentup agonies , to shout loudly at all unlikable or likable things fearlessly, to fly high, higher without any boundary; in a word, to feel an unreal sense of an absolute freedom -- something that I think I could not have done in my real identity. Anyway, it is again hard for me to call it a waste of time as, after doing all those things, a sense of neatness pervaded my mind which was indeed a prized feeling. Now, by way of these three books, I can skim through my entire existence, which is somewhat divided between my ambitions, my frustrations, my fears, contradictions, the confusion and many more similar manifestations. However, at the end of the day, you just emerge a more conscious being who knows exactly where his head is.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tottering on ....

More or less succeeded in sticking to the plan. By hook or by crook I have to submit the first version the thesis to B by next Friday, i.e., only 9 days are left. Most daunting task.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tomorrow's plan

  1. The first thing on the list is to go the barber's shop. I don't fancy long hair and ponytail to catch up with a popular fad. Nothing comforts like comfort.
  2. Complete the work related to reimbursement with HW.
  3. Go to gym.
  4. Make formidable progress with the thesis.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hunger is the best sauce

Terribly hungry. Did not eat anything except a few bloody muffins and several cups of tea in the last 24 hours (not years, mind you). Was drudging away at a paper which was already complete long time ago, therefore, an utterly boring job but cannot be dispensed with. A downside of my profession, if you say so. What I am going to gobble up now, can at best be called a porridge, usually seen in many Hindi movies, left on a big table to be served to the prisoners and Amitabh Bachchan, if he is one of them, is definitely going to kick the bowl filled with that stuff, down on the floor. The solution is made up of salt, some assorted Indian spices, a few pieces of potato and a boiled egg all distinctly visible and floating on the water which I will definitely call a jhol even if there is a worldwide protest.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Falling into the groove slowly

The concentration is somewhat restored. But way short of the point of satisfaction. One possible reason may be that I'm yet to be able to soak my current job in adequate interest so that I can possibly remain oblivious to other disturbing factors. Got an appointment with the ophthalmologist (10 a.m., 25th April 2005). Don’t want to take any chance with the eyes. I must ask her a few important questions what I forgot the previous time.
  1. How is the condition of retina? Any degeneration? Is macula alright? Ans: Perfectly alright. No degeneration.
  2. I do heavy weight training in gym followed by soccer at times. Can it, by any chance, harm the retina? Ans. No, if retina is not already fragile. If retina is fragile, then after sealing of the holes, one can do heavy weight training.
  3. This soccer part is a lie. What I do after weight training is play table tennis for one hour. I just want to see how she reacts to the prospect of my playing a body-contact game.
  4. Is this because of PVD? Then what is the condition of PVD? Ans. I don't see any symptoms of PVD.
  5. Any word of advice about how to ensure good health for retina? Ans. Nothing can be done to prevent retinal problems as precautionary measures. However, eating fresh vegetables in good measure is good for eyes, in general.
  6. How medical science is progressing in dealing with the annoying problems of eye-floaters? Ans. Eye floaters are generally benign. Not much progress in that direction whatsoever.
  7. Can I suffer from glaucoma later in my life as high myopia is a risk factor for that? Ans. In each eye your eye pressure is 18 when a risk factor for glaucoma is 20 or more eye pressure. But, glaucoma is usually detected in patients of age over 40.
  8. How would one get admitted to a hospital in case of exigency? Ans. Just go to the emergency unit and ask for help. You don't need any proscription for admission.
  9. New development: I'm detected with symptoms of dry eyes. Dry eyes ensue if your eyes blink less, than what is normal. This is usually found in patients who are bibliophiles. Do blink your eyes when you read. I've been advised to use an eye-drop to generate artificial tears.
Am I a health freak or just health conscious?

P.S. The blue colored part is added after the consultation with ophthalmologist.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good to get reply from someone who you think your friend

K replied to my email. It feels good. I met K for a couple of times only. We became quite good friends even in that short time. But frankly, I found her extremely mysterious. It was more so because she was too well-mannered, sweet spoken and very rich, however, it was never clear to me what her job exactly was, what her background was and most importantly how she was being able to live such a luxurious life that I found her in. Perhaps, it is just because of my lack of knowledge and ignorance that I suspected her of having been engaged in jobs like working for the FBI etc. I am sorry for that.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Same mistake as before

Again the same thing occurred. P did not place my reimbursement form in the right place despite being reminded of that possibility a dozen times before. So I have to wait for another 15 days for the money to be remitted. It is no chicken feed that I can ignore.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Concentration Broken

Almost 16 days have gone by since I came back from Austria (20th March 2006). Unfortunately, the thesis writing did not progress at all. So, it's time to introspect secretly. There are many reasons why I am now repenting for the lost time. Firstly, my priority has somewhat been shifted to improving and preserving the physical fitness from my quest for cerebral enlightenment. Lately, I rediscovered the veracity of the old adage Health is Wealth that motivated a regular visit to our university multi-gym. The bad news is that I am gradually getting addicted to it and ignoring my professional pursuits which I regard as the only way to my salvation. Secondly, being a patient of high myopia (average -7.25 diopter in each eye) I notice floaters when my views are set against light backgrounds such as clear blue sky, white wall etc. For a highly myopic person this is quite a natural phenomenon except for a few cases when they indicate tear in the retina requiring immediate medical attention. For the last five years I underwent regular check-ups but nothing serious was found. But the point is, if you notice floaters of various shapes that dance around across your field of vision you are bound to feel concerned about your eye. Floaters are mostly benign and very common for young myopic patients; therefore any surgery to remove them is strongly discouraged as this may bring in more serious eye complications. A link may be welcome.

Another thing, my costs at Asiacrypt have not yet been reimbursed. I have to check with P.
I am trying to leave aside all these factors and sink into my work.