Thursday, July 28, 2005

As expected I couldn't reach the target I set myself about cleaning up and organizing my room. I've, maybe, at best completed 1/3 of the the entire project. What I basically did was reorient the furniture to free some space in my very small apartment. The apartment is made up of a medium-sized room, a small kitchen and an even smaller toilet-cum-bath. Into that single room there packed two sofas, a bed, two tables and as many chairs, a cupboard, two book shelves. Initially I was provided with only one sofa but could not resist buying another secondhand lately as the offer looked too lucrative to miss. So I decided to dispense with the old one which was already fraying on all sides and taking a very dirty look. But the landlady protested diehard. So I had to make space for both of them somehow in the small room. It is this step-son like sofa whom, today, I engaged for keeping my laundry-bound clothes. I also managed to push that sofa to the far corner of the room, which was left unused so far, so that it forms an extension of my bed. I felt delighted to finally tap into the hidden potential of this neglected child.

Apart from that, the books and the CD's and DVD's, which were scattered all over the room, were collected and set out in the shelves with objects of the equal size in the same array. The clothes were arranged to look somewhat orderly in the cupboard. Completing up to that, I felt complacent. So I retired. Tomorrow I have to buy some quilts/blankets and pillows. Don't forget S is coming.


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