Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Writing My First book: My thesis

It has been a very long time that I did not write here. I was away in Canada then Austria and then on a trip to India partly on vacation and partly to attend a couple of conferences before I am back to my desk on the 27th of January.

I am now writing my thesis. The only thing that I always wanted to become in my life was an author. From that point of view, this is my first book. The emotion was so high that I spent almost three months to find a suitable title for that. And also, every bit I write I delete it twice expecting the next one may be a better one. I have to strive hard to be less fastidious. By the way, I have decided to dedicate my thesis to my parents. Who else other than them could be worthy of this honor? Despite all the agonies that I experienced in all my life due to them, it can’t be denied that, whether the thesis is good or bad, whether it is at all important or not, whether there was barely any necessity for me to choose a profession like this in the first place, the thesis is the outcome of my parents’ unyielding ambition to see me the best and the most enviable child of all time. Everybody including my parents themselves know that they are wrong and under strong delusion. Despite that they never settled for less ambition about me.

It is pointless to write anything about the subject of the thesis in here. However, can’t resist dropping off one or two lines. It is about breaking 9 cryptosystems.