Monday, October 31, 2005


I lifted the picture long ago from some place on the Internet which, unfortunately, I have completely forgotten. I don’t think, I saw a face of a woman as expressive as this before.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


This picture was published on the electronic version of Anandabazar Patrika today. I found this picture extremely touching, reminiscent of my school days when I used to frolic around in the rain on the way to my school. Can’t resist publishing this on my weblog in fear that the picture is lost later on.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

In the land of maple trees

It’s been a long time that I did not write anything on the blog. I am now in Canada visiting a university here for one and a half months. Canada, the land of maple trees, is a country that I always wanted to visit. The university is also nice; the campus, the playgrounds, the professors and the resources seem to be in a very healthy shape. Now I am watching a movie in my hotel suite; the movie is a suspense thriller and by now a number of horrible murders have taken place and the killer is at large. I am also waiting for S’s call.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cleaning house

Today I hired a person to clean my house. She is now working in the kitchen. Labor charge is very high in here. Anyway hiring people to clean your house once in a while is not bad. Professional touch makes a huge difference. So, there is no way to think that   this is a wastage of money.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lazy lamer

I have lots of things to complete before I leave for Toronto on the 13th of this month. Next wednesday I will give a seminar which is expected to have some big shots in the audience among others. But the present sate of preparation is extremely sordid. Not even have started to make slides. Damn. Next two days would be very hectic. Moreover, many interesting research problems are on hand to be addressed without delay. I have to be very organized for the next five months to reap the harvest best. The focus of mind needs to be on target lest I may have to repent in future.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

My father retired on an eventful day

The entire day was full of many small events. My father retired as a professor of mathematics from a college in India. I know that the retirement day is a very sad day for a man. Today I called him up and told him not to ponder about his retirement a bit further on. Financially, I don’t think there would be any pressure on my family as my father gives mathematics tuition to a number of college students against fees. Moreover, being a very energetic and enterprising man, as he has always been, he is now planning to deal in stocks quite actively. I only pray that he remain healthy in body and mind always.

On the other fronts, the pending budget has been finally sanctioned by my boss granting me an amount little less than what I initially claimed. Anyway, money has never been an all-too-important matter to me. What I always demanded, and will continue to do all my life, is honor. I must say his behavior to me was never disrespectful.

I received a pay slip today which shows that my scholarship had been increased by a small amount since the last month. But I have to check on my account to see if it is really the case.

The limit on my credit card has been trebled for some reasons unknown to me. One thing that I am quite eagerly waiting for is, by how much amount, they‚ are going to increase my scholarship from December this year, if at all they do. This will perhaps be clear in a week from now.

A bit on my student: the fellow seems to possess all the qualities that I wanted to see in my student. He is, undoubtedly, an intelligent pupil of top quality. After all, a Maths Olympian as I was too. If he is in the hands of right supervisors, he can deliver good scientific work, my observation suggests. There are a few traits of him that many people may not like, however, I not only just like, but prefer them to others. For example, he never ever attempted to talk to me about his personal life, not a bit. He never talks about anything nonacademic. He is uber-serious with an eternal deadpan look on his face, hardly smiles and is utterly unsocial. Believe it or not, I will always look for students like him. I can somehow see the fire inside people of such types. Smoldering volcanoes as they look to me. What they need is just a little ignition to release the pent-up fire. Today, he discovered something that may give both of us a huge academic lift. Let us see.