Friday, April 21, 2006

Not much useful work today, but...

Most of the time of the day has been wasted on performing rhytidectomy (look it up in the dictionary when I beg your pardon for using that word when there exists an easier and more appropriate one for the same expression) on my university homepage and my work-related weblog ; all of them I write in my original name as against this weblog which I use as a means to discharge all my pentup agonies , to shout loudly at all unlikable or likable things fearlessly, to fly high, higher without any boundary; in a word, to feel an unreal sense of an absolute freedom -- something that I think I could not have done in my real identity. Anyway, it is again hard for me to call it a waste of time as, after doing all those things, a sense of neatness pervaded my mind which was indeed a prized feeling. Now, by way of these three books, I can skim through my entire existence, which is somewhat divided between my ambitions, my frustrations, my fears, contradictions, the confusion and many more similar manifestations. However, at the end of the day, you just emerge a more conscious being who knows exactly where his head is.


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