Friday, April 14, 2006

Falling into the groove slowly

The concentration is somewhat restored. But way short of the point of satisfaction. One possible reason may be that I'm yet to be able to soak my current job in adequate interest so that I can possibly remain oblivious to other disturbing factors. Got an appointment with the ophthalmologist (10 a.m., 25th April 2005). Don’t want to take any chance with the eyes. I must ask her a few important questions what I forgot the previous time.
  1. How is the condition of retina? Any degeneration? Is macula alright? Ans: Perfectly alright. No degeneration.
  2. I do heavy weight training in gym followed by soccer at times. Can it, by any chance, harm the retina? Ans. No, if retina is not already fragile. If retina is fragile, then after sealing of the holes, one can do heavy weight training.
  3. This soccer part is a lie. What I do after weight training is play table tennis for one hour. I just want to see how she reacts to the prospect of my playing a body-contact game.
  4. Is this because of PVD? Then what is the condition of PVD? Ans. I don't see any symptoms of PVD.
  5. Any word of advice about how to ensure good health for retina? Ans. Nothing can be done to prevent retinal problems as precautionary measures. However, eating fresh vegetables in good measure is good for eyes, in general.
  6. How medical science is progressing in dealing with the annoying problems of eye-floaters? Ans. Eye floaters are generally benign. Not much progress in that direction whatsoever.
  7. Can I suffer from glaucoma later in my life as high myopia is a risk factor for that? Ans. In each eye your eye pressure is 18 when a risk factor for glaucoma is 20 or more eye pressure. But, glaucoma is usually detected in patients of age over 40.
  8. How would one get admitted to a hospital in case of exigency? Ans. Just go to the emergency unit and ask for help. You don't need any proscription for admission.
  9. New development: I'm detected with symptoms of dry eyes. Dry eyes ensue if your eyes blink less, than what is normal. This is usually found in patients who are bibliophiles. Do blink your eyes when you read. I've been advised to use an eye-drop to generate artificial tears.
Am I a health freak or just health conscious?

P.S. The blue colored part is added after the consultation with ophthalmologist.


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