Thursday, April 06, 2006

Concentration Broken

Almost 16 days have gone by since I came back from Austria (20th March 2006). Unfortunately, the thesis writing did not progress at all. So, it's time to introspect secretly. There are many reasons why I am now repenting for the lost time. Firstly, my priority has somewhat been shifted to improving and preserving the physical fitness from my quest for cerebral enlightenment. Lately, I rediscovered the veracity of the old adage Health is Wealth that motivated a regular visit to our university multi-gym. The bad news is that I am gradually getting addicted to it and ignoring my professional pursuits which I regard as the only way to my salvation. Secondly, being a patient of high myopia (average -7.25 diopter in each eye) I notice floaters when my views are set against light backgrounds such as clear blue sky, white wall etc. For a highly myopic person this is quite a natural phenomenon except for a few cases when they indicate tear in the retina requiring immediate medical attention. For the last five years I underwent regular check-ups but nothing serious was found. But the point is, if you notice floaters of various shapes that dance around across your field of vision you are bound to feel concerned about your eye. Floaters are mostly benign and very common for young myopic patients; therefore any surgery to remove them is strongly discouraged as this may bring in more serious eye complications. A link may be welcome.

Another thing, my costs at Asiacrypt have not yet been reimbursed. I have to check with P.
I am trying to leave aside all these factors and sink into my work.


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