Saturday, September 03, 2005

I think I will, now onwards, put bits of my academic pursuits in here also. After all, I have a lot of things to say when it comes to my subjects. But, of course not always, only when I am spontaneously urged to do that. My subjects are not only my profession, my passion also. In fact, I am always very watchful that the passion do not subside. If any such possibility is anticipated, I try to look at things from many different angles to bring life into it. I am a type of a person who can not do anything without loving it. That has been proved many a time in my life. I almost went into extreme melancholy at one point in my life where I was forced into some work for which I have no respect. In a word, I am dead if I am not motivated.

Well. As my academic pursuit is, in a layman's term, computer security, you will, off and on, find many references related to that. I hope that does not scare the readers away. Remember that, because of my loyalty to the subject, I feel committed to contributing to and popularizing this area of research among the common people. I am sure, whether you are actively involved in this area or not, you will find the bits here on the subject full of fun and entertaining only if the words, cyber-terrorism, hacking, breaking cryptosystems catch your wonder. Stay hooked.


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