Friday, August 19, 2005

During summer the department takes on a very melancholy look as the day gradually drags along past noontime; all undergraduate students are on vacation, research staffs and the teachers are also reaping their holidays, accumulated over the year, maybe at some exotic sea resorts or in the mountains or forests, the remaining few also decamp as the sun glides down against the sky. However, I never felt any urge to make the best use of my holidays by compulsively going to sea beaches or mountains and so on. Any forceful subjection drives my soul out of breath, I feel pain deep inside.

Its six o'clock now. Yesterday, one of my old friends who now lives in Canada once again requested me to visit their university for four to six weeks this fall. Last time I did not show much interest as I was not certain about many practical aspects of this invitation as well as my own benefits in such interactions. However, his last email about that offer sounded really prospective and I decided not to miss out on that. Although there are still some hitches to that. Firstly, my boss , who is now on vacation, may not allow me to be absent here for such a long time. Secondly, my visa expires during the period of the proposed visit. So in this short time I have to make arrangements for the renewal of visa which entails a lot of red tape. Thirdly, I will have to remain detached (connected only on emails) from my student for those 4 to 6 weeks -- something which is, perhaps, not morally justified. And fourthly, if my paper is selected for publication at the conference (about which I talked earlier) then I will have to again pack up and rush as soon as I come back. Do all these contribute to a peaceful life which is extremely necessary for the kind of job I do?


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