Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogging is an enriching pastime for the expatriates who live in self-imposed social quarantine. For me, the social life has reduced to only a few occasional visits to a Turkish restaurant for dinner, mostly on Fridays, with a couple of like minded pals, followed by short aimless strolls around some relatively obscure corners in this university town. No way I am complaining about this social estrangement. On the contrary, I sometimes feel a sense of relief that, at last, I was able to shun all these addictive provocations decisively. Once again remember that this is self-imposed. Sounds like a masochist? Just the opposite. There is a number of reasons for this apparently weird bent of mind. To give a few clues; firstly, from a large number of heart singeing experiences in the past I, somewhat, have convinced myself that I am a social boor who has a genius for upsetting otherwise very congenial social climates into stormy whirlwinds, inviting uncalled for mental stresses and heady emotional turbulences. Such revelations compounded with the change of priorities in life pushed me to take up a position of a social nihilist. But there are still traces of doubts in my mind as to whether a human being can really live, with all his senses functioning normally, in complete isolation form the mainstream society. Amidst this dilemma, this blogspehere emerged like a Good Samaritan.


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