Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A few things have changed in our office; so suddenly that you will not fail to notice it. The first thing is that, after being in the state of dormancy for a long time, the office is now bubbling with life with as many as three living people striking keyboards at the same time. In fact, there are four. The fourth one had gone off on a very sacred mission. To preach religion in a country quite a long distance away from here. He is the guy coming straight out of the recent Rushdie book Shalimar the clown, where the protagonist was thoroughly brainwashed by the religious clerics, except the extremist ways adopted by the hero. And also, my friend is extremely gentle, indisputably honest and absolutely loyal to his faith, not to mention a downright kind soul who would always stop by my house to enquire about my well being if I was absent at the lab for a few successive days. To be frank, he is the only true religious fanatic that I came across in my life; pure, uncorrupted and unquestioning devotion to the edicts of a religion. If my readers are tempted to fit this person into the frame of a violent radicalized Muslim then they are terribly mistaken. This person is a fundamentalist Christian who, for example, has thrown off Darwinian theories without any doubt as it is considered blasphemous in the Bible. I cannot relate the religious side of him to his professional side which requires tremendous amount of logical skills, scientific knowledge and openness of mind, to say the least. This is not an exaggeration to mention that, considering his young age, his professional successes are not only above average but also quite enviable. This person is not at his desk for the last few days and is expected back from his religious mission next Monday. I am looking forward to the accounts of his trip in his own version.


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