Saturday, August 06, 2005

Now I am fine-tuning the rejected paper for submission to a supposedly less competitive conference. The more I am dissecting the previous review reports the firmer is my conviction about the following things,

1) Only the abstract, the introduction, and the conclusion of an article are reviewed in the first round of the elimination process (unofficially).

2) It is the responsibility of the author to spoonfeed the reviewer.

3) An easily readable but relatively weak paper stands a better chance than a paper which is difficult to read but stronger.

The above illuminations were triggered by a comment made by one of the referees of my paper which helped me realize the strong sense of disappointment contained in an old Bengali saying

"Saat kando ramayon por-e Seeta kaar baap"

(I will try to find a suitable English translation for that. Never hesitate to post me if you have one.)


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