Wednesday, August 03, 2005

There are many little surprises, your life is spiked with, that you would love to cherish in future. The moment I finished up the last post (yes exactly that moment, no dramatizing, believe me), my telephone trembled very suspiciously. As I put the receiver to my ear, it did not take any time for me to recognize the voice. It was S calling me from a public telephone booth 10 minutes bus-ride from my house. Nothing can surprise you more than this. But how crazy this fellow was to come directly from Paris to my place without making me aware of such whimsical plans. If I was not at home?

Anyway, S looked exactly the same as he was when I last saw him four years ago. Is he Peter Pan who never grows old? But one thing I must say that S looked somewhat weak and weary that was contrary to my expectation. Or maybe, he was very tired (what he promptly denied) from last few day's constant travel to various places.

But his rapid-fire 12 hours stay was too short to make up for the long separation. So we decided to sacrifice our sleep and talk all night to our heart's content and that's exactly what we did. And moreover the timing of S's flight required that he take an early morning train from my place to be in time. So we were awake all night and talked about various stuffs reminiscent of our old days. Then it became dawn and we realized that its time that he would prepare to depart. I accompanied him to the station and saw him off. S was then on his way home. It's all over like a flash of lightning.

P.S. BTW, at night after the dinner S had a few spells of stomach discharge which, for a while, made me and him as well, very nervous. But the uneasiness did not stay long.


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