Monday, May 01, 2006

G's five year old daughter died

G is a 23 year old girl. Her family is inextricably tied to our family. My mother today gave me the news, that G's five year old daughter, who according to my mother's description looked extremely cute, has died a few days ago of kidney failure. As for me, I did not see G in the last seven years. I do not even know what the name of G's daughter's was, let alone ever saw the departed girl. I never met G's husband either. That fact is that I was always afraid to meet them. Why was I afraid? Only now I came to know that G's daughter was actually born with dysfunctional kidneys. Therefore, she was destined to die sooner or later. In the last four years I visited India thrice and stayed there for more than one month each time. My folks never raised this sore subject in front of me. They never wanted me to be bothered by these things. They were not wrong. I was afraid. G's father, who was a habitual drinker, also died prematurely at a young age of 42 some six years back, after suffering from multiple ailments such as liver cirrhosis, tuberculosis and a heart condition. My mother also disclosed that, to make matters worse, G has now been abandoned by his husband too (who is 25 years old and a cabdriver by profession), because her in-laws now consider G to be cursed and, in future also, they think she would never be able to bear a healthy child. G now lives with her widowed mother and an 18 year old brother, all dwell huddled up in a tiny room; needless to say that their living condition is not very hygienic. As far as I know, to make a living for her family, G's mother works as a part-time maid washing clothes and cleaning utensils in some neighboring households. Nobody told me, but I can presume that G's brother must have given up his studies and taken up the job of a rickshaw-puller by now, to support the family.... .... I think I must stop now...

I did not want to record this incident because I knew that it would make many past events pop up in my mind that were better kept buried forever lest it might call into question many bitter facts. But, for reasons not very clear to me, I was weighed down by conscience and desperately wanted to feel lighter. I am unable to answer any questions on this post. Forgive me.


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