Saturday, July 01, 2006


I usually run 3 laps continuously before taking rest. Today I ran 3.25 laps before I felt the need to take rest to reinvigorate my lungs. Now it just occurred to me that, before we started running, JK offered me a sports drink. The reason for that extra .25 lap has now become jol-er moto sohoj. ANABOLIC STEROID.

I was debating for some time now how many laps I might need to run to make it to the Brazilian football team. So I was discussing that with JK (who runs complete 4 laps before feeling mildly out of breath). Roberto Carlos who is the strongest player in the Brazil team sometimes runs around 20 to 25 laps in a single match.

So I decided to take ANABOLIC STEROID of equal weight instead of rice at lunch from tomorrow.


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