Sunday, May 21, 2006


Perhaps injured some muscle/ligament/tendon/tissue on my left shoulder joint while working out on the pectoral machine. But the good news is that I finally discovered with 24 hours effort, how it happened. My gripping was very much faulty. Your arms should rest against the pads completely so that all the force in your pectoral muscles can be mobilized to lift the weight, while, in my case, only the palms were used to draw the arms of the machine. Please use your elbows to pull the wieght, NOT your hands which will remain relaxed. Otherwise this very useful machine will cause death to your shoulders. For me, hope things will be alright soon. Remember that the shoulder joint is the most sophisticated and therefore, the most vulnerable joint of your body. Appreciate how delicate the design is, for the arms to have infinite degrees of freedom, unlike any other joint.


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