Sunday, May 14, 2006

Good boy

Today is Mother’s day. If I call her and say, "Today is your day and I’d be thinking of you all day, for the kindness and care you showered on us all your life and what we are now is only because of you." She would first purse her brow to get the inkling of exactly what I'm trying to say and then, as initial confusion paves the way for a realization, completely her own derived from her experience of life, she would finally gush forth, “thak, onek hoechhe" (enough is enough. Please stop that now). But I’ll not let such thoughts deter me from going ahead. kring, kring..."Hello".

update: She is out in her singing class; so, any last hope to wish her before the day passes by, is practically crushed. So, here is wishing my mother a very happy and healthy life. Hope the message breaks free from the pages of my weblog and flows to her.


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